One giant leap

One giant leap – Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman’s project to explore ‘The Unity in the Diversity’

When Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman joined forces to create the project 1 Giant Leap, they embarked upon a global journey that included Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe, equipped solely with a digital video camera, a laptop and a vision – to capture and weave together a unique fusion of sound, image and spoken word from some of the world’s most happening musicians, authors, scientists and thinkers and to explore ‘The Unity in the Diversity’.

Their treasure hunt brought many unexpected collaborations with such inspirations as Michael Stipe, Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Dennis Hopper, Brian Eno, Asha Bhosle, and Baaba Maal. The resulting double-Grammy nominated DVD consists of 11 short films – INSPIRATION, MONEY, FAITH, SEX, DEATH, CONFRONTATION, TIME, BLASPHEMY, UNITY, MASKS, HAPPY, and 30 behind the scenes movies.

Catto and Bridgeman travelled the world with a laptop and a digital
camera. Everything you see and hear from 1 Giant Leap was collected
and recorded using just these two pieces of equipment.

The idea was to write a group of songs, put them into the laptop, and
take them into the field. Because they were free from the constraints of
the traditional recording studio, they could actually travel to the deserts
of Australia or the jungles of Africa, and work there and then with
whomever they met without the need for electricity. For the first time
ever, rather than just gathering samples and taking them back to a
studio and re-working them, the collaborators could hear what previous
collaborators had done. This meant real collaboration and real
involvement from everyone on the record. The singers in America could
actually hear the musicians in India and the drummers in Africa, and
really play along with them.

(From the official One giant leap site)




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