Music is the food of life – at least I think so …

Playing music for me is not really about the “performance” and how good the music is played – but the “social event”.

When travelling I love to learn melodies of a particular culture and play a song together with the locals – it gets you to understand people in a whole new way and starts great conversations afterwards.

Playing music

Singing songs is a great way of self-expression and great tools of getting a message through to those around you.

I am sure you have noticed that I love to learn about things through songs so I am inviting you to send me your favourite song or musicial experience, a story about your favourite musical instrument, favourtite artists, etc.

Please send me one or some of these :

  • YouTube music video or video from other sites
  • Explain why you like the song
  • Explain why you like the artist, band
  • lyrics – even if it’s not in English
  • blogpost about a musical experience
  • film trailer for the film in which your song is used
  • etc. what ever else comes to mind

… as a comment on this page so that we can share it with all others reading this blog. It’d be great if when adding your song you also explain why you like the song.

Here are some of the songs&stories I have on this blog:

Do you like any of these? Let me know by adding a comment below!

Looking forward to your song suggestions and stories! You are also welcome to send interviews with musicians or documentaries.



5 Responses to “Send me a song – collecting musical experiences”

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  2. dara Says:

    I really love “Ai du” by Ali Farka Toure. I have to admit I was not familiar with his music until I saw the movie Unfaithful. There’s a scene in which the main characters are dancing and this song is playing. I was immediately drawn to it; it sounds so sensual. I looked up the song and bought the album.

    Here’s a link to the song on YouTube

  3. The House Of The Rising Sun

    Traditional 1964

    There is a house in New Orleans, they call the rising sun”,
    It’s been te ruin many poor boy,
    And or Lord , I ám one
    My mother is a tailar, she sew those blue jeans.
    My father is a tailar, he”s a gambling man,
    Drinks down New Orleans.
    My father he’s is a gambler man, he goes from town to town.
    The only tim, he on a trump
    so mothers tell you childrens, no tode
    what have I done.
    Shun that house in Rising Sun
    on foot on the platform, othe other’s on the the train.
    Iám going back to New Orleans to wear that ball an chan.
    To wear that ball and chain.
    Going back to new Orleans, my
    race is almost run, I’m going to spend the rest of my life Beaneath that “” Rising Sun”, By Deborah Bowman St George Queensland 4487

  4. Luke Newland Says:
    Your Gonna Leave Me Again, From the Wittle Man album

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