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Here you find a collection of stories about different artists, songs & instruments.

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One is always wondering about things one can’t explain. Music has mystical powers – it influences its audience in many different ways. I have always been curious about the mystical power of music & art – and so I decided to start start gathering thoughts together on this topic.

Click here to read the post that explains the reasons behind this music page.

In this section you will find the following:

A page about different artists that have influenced the way I think about art, music, culture …

Participatory culture
A page about the various ways the artists I love encourage the audience to get conscious about things & get creative and give up being a mere “passive” listener – like many of us sitting in front of the TV getting bombarded with the mesmerising content you find on CNN and the many other TV channels

Favourite quotes from favuorite artists

Responsibilities of artists in society – what some of the musicians to the play an active role in the upliftment of their communities

Lessons to be learnt from travelling
Why some artists set out on long journeys and what they learn from the situations they experience while on the road

Teachers and students
The importance of being a teacher & the importance of having a teacher and how one chooses the right teacher

The role of instruments in different cultures

Pass it on
Remix artists


One Response to “Natural mystic”

  1. Chris Geller Says:

    Hi I am looking for a royalty free version of natural mystic. It would be for use in a photographic slide show. The artist would get credit at the end of the slide show as compensation. any help would be appreciated.

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