I have set up my new blog at – so this is my last post here – it’s been great here at 🙂 but its time to move on and get more independent.

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Much Kudos to You

Izz is right in saying that it’s vital to stop and say hello to the people around you…and this time I’d like to say hello to all those reading Szavanna_blog and say thank you,

– I never thought I’d actually have an audience 🙂 and what an audience it is – have you met everyone ? I have already learnt so much from your blog posts and comments!

I started blogging in 2005 and for quite a while I was not sure if my posts will be read by anyone at all – considering also the special Hunglish 🙂 I use to write my posts – does it all make sense? (I have always been wondering about this…) Still it was great to spend some time with writing down my thoughts on things – I found it was a great way of taking some time and rethink things.

I am happy to say that Szavanna_blog has regular readers, comments and feedback – which is so welcome since the people here in Potch are not so into chatting – sitting here in the middle of Tannie-land – especially about the topics I love – like music and jazz, Linux & open source software and all other things I write about.

Blogging is definitely a great version of free education – bloggers seem to be very open to answer questions about any topic – be it music, politics, open source software etc. – for FREE – all I need to do is – ask questions.

Just looking at the search terms people used in the past 2 days to get to my blog – I can see that I have already managed to assemble posts on a variety of topics:

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Intrestingly one of the most popular posts is the post on the De La Rey generation, even though I don’t really write too many Afrikaans related posts – so I am happy people like that one.


Though bloggers don’t often meet in real life since we are scattered all around the globe – I am happy to say that I had the honor of meeting Sokari from who came to visit the cafe with some of her friends which was a great experience. I actually got to know Sokari via Ndesanjo – a master blogger from Tanzania – check out their projects – they are busy with great initiatives!

CC visit

This photo was taken just before the launch of Creative Commons South Africa (May 2005)- Prof Lessig, Heather, Vincent Maher and Colin Daniels chatting in front of the cafe while Brian of Global Griot Productions is finishing off filming the CC visit to the OpenCafe.

Another special event was when 3 very wellknown bloggers visited the cafe on the same day – namely Prof Lessig, founder of Creative Commons, together with Heather of CCSA
and Vincent Maher – that was a great day.

So once again – thanks to all in the Szavanna_blog community and all those on my MyBlogLog contacts page and everyone else that reads my blogs and sites. The stats are getting better and better – I am really surprised at the big turnout – much kudos to you (as Steli would say:-) and please let me know if you have a peopleized account – and are ready for an interview,

– I’d love to ask a few questions …

I didn’t know there was a map to the blogsphere ….

Online communities

I came across this reading White African – click here to visit the xkcd site for a bigger version.

I just joined this project – I am #170 on the list . So if you are up for the challenge add yourself to the list as well – here is what it is about ( from an Electronic village posting):

The plan is to get all 30,000 bloggers to each “make a single post”—with a certain word in the title and on a date to be announced—“about what you want for the world, whatever that may be.”

If you’d like to join, click here for instructions.