Kerkorrel and friends brought more than a political message to the stage. They also brought incredible licks and rock beats that got the crowd dancing and laughing (read more). Liela

Kerkorrel DVD

Today we bought a Kerkorrel DVD – “‘n Jaar Later” – (buy it at – it is an evening at the State Theater with performers like Valiant Swart, Amanda Strydom, Karen Zoid, Stef Bos – singing Kerkorrel songs. Though I am not really fluent in Afrikaans I can tell that he is an outstanding performer and I hope I will have the time to find out more about his work.

I have heard ‘Halala Afrika‘ many times – I hope soon there will be a video I can put here – once you hear this song you will never forget it :

Halala Afrika, Johannes Kerkorrel (1961-2002).

Toe die wêreld hier nog jong was en die horison wyd en oop
Was dit groen hier in die halfrond, suid van die ewenaar
En in die skemer as die son sak en die beeste huis toe loop
Klink die roepstem van die vrouwe oor die heuvels van die land:
Halala, ewig is ons Afrika.
Tula tula mtanami, tula tula sanaboni, tula tula mtanami,
Ubab uzobuya sihlale naye, ubab uzobuya sihlale sonke, Hmmm-Hmmm

Toe kom die skepe uit die weste, wit seile oor die see
Om te vra vir koos en water en te bly vir so veel meer.
En die land wat een tyd oop was, die land het ons verruil
Vir die ghetto’s van die stede is ons koperdraad gegee.
Halala, ewig is ons Afrika
Halala, sasiphila, kamnandi, halala, mayibuye Afrika
Tula tula mtanami, tula tula sanaboni, tula tula mtanami,
Ubab uzobuya sihlale naye, ubab uzobuya sihlale sonke, Hmmm-Hmmm

Daar was rykdom in die maag van ons moeder Afrika
Diamante en ook steenkool, goud, edel metaal
En die mense word die slawe hier want die mense word betaal
Om te tonnel in die aarde elke greintjie uit te haal
En die groot en oop grasvlaktes span dit toe met doringdraad
En van die olifant tot die gemsbok al die diere moes kom buig
Voor die mag van die grootwildjagter voor die mag van sy groot geweer
Totdat net die stilte oorbly, totdat net die stilte heers.

Halala, ewig is ons Afrika.
Halala, sasiphila, kamnandi, halala, mayibuye Afrika
Halala, sasiphila, kamnandi, halala, mayibuye Afrika

(Lyrics from here)


I have been browsing around on Rouvanne’s blog – and a came across one more time the post with “the David Kramer video” – it is without a doubt a masterpiece – so I thought it had to be part of this blog.

I did mention David Kramer before and his documentary called Karoo Kitaar Blues. He is one of those artists that I could listen to day and night – a story teller – his lyrics, music and theater productions are like a long neverending story about the lives of South Africans – and he tells it in an unbelievably simple humble way.

Here is Onnerwater by iaminawe – interesting enough – the sounds of this song resembles Hungarian folk music very much – another proof that no matter where we are from – we are more alike than different, ne?

Other songs:

A Carl Niehaus posting on the De la Rey song:

The issues and sentiments that “De la Rey, De la Rey” hankers back to will not determine the future and place of Afrikaners in the South Africa of today. In the not too distant future it will pale in the face of the real issues and challenges that our country faces and which collectively determine the future of all of us – including the Afrikaner and Afrikaans-speaking members of our nation.

Potchefstroom is Tannie territory – and what is a Tannie – the Afrikaans word Tannie means “Aunty” but you can use this word for anybody – just like the Hungarian “neni” – it seems like once you get married and have kids – you automatically qualify as a Tannie.

And so people call me Tannie as well – “Gooeie more Tannie” which immediately makes me feel OOOLD – Tannie Anna – eish – this sounds terrible – even worse than Mevrou Coetzee – which I can never get used to either.


“De La Rey, De La Rey sal jy die Boere kom lei? ”
“De la Rey, De la Rey Will you come to lead the Boers?”

Recently the “De La Rey song” appeared on the scene. Since it is in Afrikaans I didn’t really focus on the lyrics – want my Afrikaans is nie baie goed nie 🙂 though I understand most discussions around me by now. The tune is really catchy – one tends to hum along with the melody. (more…)