When it comes to Web 2.0 tools – everyone gets to be on both sides – all of us can read and all of us can write the posts, listen to music or upload your own compositions, buy a book or publish one. You are also encouraged to do all the above together with others running similar projects – you are encouraged to collaborate within your communities. “Conversational knowledge sharing” – says Steve. Things work quite differently these days on the NET and a very good example of these concepts is the Wikipedia. Carte-Blanche recently did a story on it and I thought this video might be interesting for all those that have been wondering how it started and how it is being maintained.

Wales video

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So who are all those people that are writing the articles on Wikipedia? One great example of a Wikipedian is Ndesanjo, Tanzanian blogger, who is the main contributor to the Swahili Wikipedia – (http://sw.wikipedia.org/).

Swahili, which is thought to be spoken by as many as 100 million people, is the first African-language Wikipedia to have reached the 1,000-article mark β€” considered something of a tipping point toward faster growth in the Wikipedia world. ( Read Noam Cohen’s article on Ndesanjo and African-language Wikipedias )

To get to know more about Ndesanjo’work, his blogs Jikomboe and Digital Africa here is Dara‘s video :

Patrick Tutwiler interviews blogger & wikipedian – Ndesanjo Macha

(Thanks Dara! – If you are up for it – please write about the making of this video – it’d be interesting to hear about the reasons for choosing Ndesanjo, and whether there is gonna be a follow-up video with him in the future. Looking forward to new videos & interviews from you on YouTube.)