Probably he needs no introduction to most of those reading this – still I hope this post provides you with a little extra about the storyteller of Izzonline 🙂

GOB!G on life – an intro to Izzonline

Peopleized by: Szavanna – Tuesday, 10 July 2007

izzonline Izz on storytellers, asking the right questions – he also writes about his plans with his blog Izzonline.


Thanks so much for making the time to answer my questions. Please introduce us to Izz by using a few one-word adjectives and nouns

izzonline: Still honestly don’t know the difference between adjective, noun and verb. But let my try:








Szavanna: What search terms & keywords do people use to find your blog?


“from content with little comes happiness”

Robin Sharma,

Greatness guide,

Mxit naked pictures,



Israel Mlambo,

Best life,

Szavanna: You say in your blog you are a storyteller – please tell us about the responsibilities of a modern day storyteller?

izzonline: Storytelling today is, to me, unlike in the latter days. Today you need to be able to entice your reader and to offer not only truth, but entertaining truth. The reader of today doesn’t go a day without consuming junk – be it in writing or edibles, so the storytelling has to, without being too superflous, skate on thin line to cater for that too. Unlike telling attractive urban legends, one needs to weave together believable magic with enough mystery – the human culture is still seduced very much by mystery. In short, in the modern day, storytelling supercedes telling a story. It’s about taking a reader for an experience because we have to remeber, today’s nation hates reading any sentence longer than five words.

Szavanna: Something tells me that you have some B!G plans with your blog – please tell us a bit about the reasons for setting up your blog and writing those posts one after the other?

izzonline: The sub-B!G plan is to make the (soon to be) the #1 blog in South Africa. And I think by mid next year this goal will have been more than achieved.

I set it up, initially, to hold myself to practice, daily, a skill that I feel was starting to be taken for granted in my life: writing. In writing, when those words pour out, unforced, my soul opens up. Those words give me a beautiful path to my soul – I’d like to believe.

Since the initial phase of the blog had passed, the reasons for the blogs existence include: maintaining a repository of my thoughts, engaging others in views that I otherwise would have thought were perfect from where I’m standing. The biggest achievement (reason) of my blog though, is, it let me to starting to write a novel (fable in fact): The Half Prince of Timbuktu – A Quest for True Joy, which is, I want to convince myself, going to be one of the worlds international bestsellers (don’t ask me, I think I’m half asleep as I write this).

Szavanna: Do you find the blog format appropriate – how is it working so far to get your message through?

izzonline: The blog platform is just incredible for me. It does what it is supposed to do without the hassle of tech savviness. It has opened doors to many who also wanted to interact, through their writings, on the blogosphere.

The only thing that I still need to clear out though, is when to get personally attached to ones writings and when not to. For me, the vanity that comes with that sometimes may drive away otherwise good readers.

Szavanna: Your posts all end with the Voltaire quote- “Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers.” I also think it is really important to ask questions and also to ask the right ones – what advice would you give “peopleized newbies” like me – what does one have to consider when asking questions?

izzonline: I’ve evolved from using quotes at the end of my posts because I had to increase ways of marketing my blog, meaning that invite unsavvy readers to email the post to friends. But that quote still defines my approach to life. That one must ask questions – curiosity leads to discovery.

My take on it is that one must ask questions not expecting to find perfect fit answered, but rather bits and pieces that may still need to be digested in to an answer. Sometimes we get lucky and get the right answer, but if we expect it, we are more than likely to be dissapointed and that could lead to one asking lesser questions. The lesser the expectation (more curiousity though) the better.

Szavanna: My last question has to be of course : how did you find my questions – did I ask the right ones in order to get the basic picture and meaning behind Izzonline?

izzonline: Your questions also helped rethink what izzonline stands for. Almost like you were forcing me to look at my own product with a magnifying glass. And from that, I benefitted as well. GOB!G on Life.

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Izz – thanks so much for the answers – and thanks again for the posts – I have already learned so much from all the info, thoughts and quotes at Izzonline – best wishes with your plans and looking forward to getting a copy of your fable once published!