“… here we are, with our problems, but also with the freedom to talk about them”(Paulo Coelho).

Today I was busy reading the Coelho blog again – lots to learn there – I see that both Izz and Fasy are big fans as well – I think even Maria mentioned that she likes Coelho’s work- and the great thing is – he likes to blog which makes him easily accessible by a global audience which I think is great if you are a writer.

Yesterday’s “Today’s question by Aart Hilal“:

Hasn’t it been difficult for you to stay in Brasil after all the harm the Brasilian dictatorship has done to you in former times? What made you stay there although you have been imprisonned under very cruel circumstances from your own people?

Paulo Coelho : It was impossible to live in Brazil, because after being in jail, you develop a kind of paranoia, you think that everybody is following you, listening to your conversations, etc. So, after being released, I went to London, but after three or four months, I realized that this was to scape to reality, to be a “strange in a strange land”for the rest of my life. So I decided to face my fears, and I returned to Brasil. It was better to die here than the be a living dead in a foreign place – I made this choice.

As for the second part of your question: I was not imprisioned by my own people, I was imprisioned by the military junta, that kept my people silent under the threat of weapons. My people was waiting, because there is no arguments against force. On the other hand, nobody can keep the pressure forever, so at the long run Freedom won, and here we are, with our problems, but also with the freedom to talk about them.