Displaced, abandoned and yet somehow triumphant, the Sara Tavares story is as extraordinary as her music. (Click to read Sara’s story)

Today’s artist suggested by Kanute (visit his blog to find great jazz and useful Linux related info) – thanks so much – great choice – I love Sara’s music – real unique sound – a fusion of so many influences.


Singing in a combination of Portuguese, Angolan, Crioulo and English, Sara Tavares’ songs are quintessentially Cape Verdean yet also personal. “Balancê” is about the need for balance in all of life, and was inspired by an episode during a trip to Zimbabwe. “I saw some really drunk people dancing,” says Tavares. “We were watching them, and they were always almost falling and then they would catch themselves. Just like those people dancing, I also want to dance with that kind of freedom and balance.” The video captures both the anecdotal and philosophical intent of the song. ( from Calabashmusic.com)

And here is Sara playing Born Feeling live :

For more of Sara’s music – here are some links: