This photo compostition from Pihe takes me right back in to the world of Hungarian folk stories.

Postcard from Szentendre

Kokero says about Pihe’s work:
“I could never determine pihe’s art. He does everything, from HDR through artistic manipulations to sensitive portraits – and always surprises me.
I am only sure about one thing: that he really feels the camera. I think he is a devoted and erudite artist in love with photography and his camera, and I suspect, with ART in usual. His approach to the objects of his photography is very delicate – like if he was being watchful and careful not to meddle in the “system” of the compositions or souls of “things”. I can feel this respect even when he manipulates his works. I think he actually brings out the contents that are already there – but were hidden to our eyes. Thank you for showing the hidden meanings, pihe!”