Thanks so much Dara for posting the very first song – ( Much Kudos to You 🙂 ( from Ali Farka Toure) and what a great blues song ( from the movie ‘Unfaithful’ ).

I didn’t know it before – this just shows all the music I can discover with your help (and I hope you find some of my song choices interesting) so please send me your music if you have a sec – no specs – anything goes – any style – any language – any artist (as you know I love music from Africa so if you can teach me more about musical styles on the African continent -I’d be grateful as well ). Of course it’s even better if it is your own song/lyrics – any musicians in the audience ? 🙂

You might be wondering why I came up with the music project thing.

Well I am used to starting projects – it’s just a good thing to do. Then this is also a way to explain more about all the things we do in the OpenCafe – how “open projects” start and are run and this might encourage you to start your own projects. Then … the music is actually an excuse – to just have fun, discuss things, and get closer to figuring out the meaning of life ….. or hm …. may be it’s not even important to explain at all – but these are some things I have come up with 🙂

Here is the first song suggestion from the new “Send a song page” sent by Dara, hope you like it:

‘Ai du’ by Ali Farka Toure

Click here to see all the films you find Ali Farka Toure songs in.

While I was listening – this is the video that came to mind:

Tracy Chapman & BB King The Thrill Has Gone