Ringraziamenti così tanto Maria non posso trovare le parole.

I hope Google translate did a good job – this is supposed to mean :

This evening I check my mail and I found out that Maria nominated me for the prestigious award called “the Rocking Girl Blogger award.” I am still in shock and I can’t find the words to express my surprise as well the fact that I am deeply grateful for this nomination and I consider myself really lucky to have come accross the BAAAHHH experience and width it Maria – a fellow Rocking Girl Blogger. (Maria – is this what it says at the top?:-))

Rocking Girl Blogger award

And the award goes to :

Thanks for the great blogs – check them out (if you don’t know them already) – it’s amazing how many girls are blogging – much better than CNN – definitely! These three blogs above are just a few of the many many amazing blogs out there.