A video explaining all about the making of the CD and introduces us to the songs as well.

From Calabashmusic.com:

With Djin Djin, Angélique Kidjo brings global melodies to open-minded listeners and continues to branch out into other genres of music, most notably by working with Gilberto Gil and Dave Matthews, among others. The four-time Grammy-nominated singer, composer and performer began her career in the West African country of Benin, but the political turmoil there led her to relocate to Paris in 1980 and then to New York City, where she now resides. On her new album Djin Djin (the title refers to the sound of the bell that greets the beginning of a new day in Africa), Angélique returns to her Beninese roots, building an album around the most traditional rhythms from her country. (read more) (Angelique Kidjo official site)