Ishtar, thanks for starting it – it’s a great project to work on – the NET is full of interesting stories so I don’t think it will be difficult to make sure that this carnival carries on until we are ooold ๐Ÿ™‚

Siwa Oasis Egypt

(photo taken from

Thanks also to Betty, Izz, Zenofeller, Tim, Beaman, for the stories – I really enjoyed them – it was quite a variety and it was also great that those contributed were not only from the continent – I think it is very important to share experiences and stories globally.

When it comes to the OpenCafe – we see the world in projects.

So when I saw Ishtar starting the carnival I started thinking how this idea can develop with time. Looking at projects like Afrigator and Amatomu – and the growing blogger communities in Africa and around the world – it’d be great if this project eventually could develop into something bigger.

I thought of registering a domain – and once we have a few issues online – we could start building a site with all the stories, photos etc. It’d be vital for the content (text and photos and even music) to be published under open licenses so that it can be shared freely all over the world. If there are such initiatives – it’d be great to know about them as well – since if it already exists there is no need to reinvent the wheel again. is such an initiative though it is limited to one country, Africanpath also publishes posts with personal experiences.

This is just a thought – and what I actually meant to say was – that I am ready to participate and help run such initiatives. Please comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions.