Today turns out to be a Brazilian day.

In my previous post – 8 random facts – I mentioned that I took part in a dinner party where the people around the table gave a spontaneous concert using only forks & knives and glasses (may be you should try it as well).

That evening before this jam session with the cutlery đŸ™‚ I was fortunate enough to listen to the sounds of the rainforest as played by Nana Vasconselos.

Nana Vasconselos He was the only one in the middle of the stage standing on a colorful cloth sorrounded by instruments of all kinds.

It was evening so it was really dark – easy to imagine the dense forest – all we heard was the sounds of birds singing, branches cracking, snakes hissing – I will never forget Nana’s forest.

In the end he asked the audience to use clapping noises to imitate the rain. Different parts of the audience clapped at the different times and with different intensity – so it made one feel like the rain is going from one side of the festival venue to the other. Later the rain started pouring real hard which we achieved by stomping our feet – when he asked us to do so – and once we all understood his “rain signs” everyone got into the game and tried to be the best “rain player” ever.

Click to visit the Nana Vasconselos page on to listen to some of his music .