We learn from every person we meet. Even if we don’t ask them questions.

Imagine ‘not meeting’ all the people you have met in your life – would you be the same person now? How do the people in your life influence you? Sometimes we tend to do what the others around do because …. well just because they do it. Sometimes we get totally irritated with others and say ‘that’s ridiculous‘ but we never think of the fact that they might have a perfectly logical explanation for the things they do’. I know I do ‘ridiculous’ things all the time 🙂 but I can assure you – I have reasons for all of those things. The reason is the people around me ( including all the bloggers I have discovered on the NET ) – they taught me unbelievable things – and most of them were not my teachers – they were just ‘around’.

Izzonline‘s posts all end with a quote by Voltaire – “Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers.” May be I should ‘ask’ Izz why he chose that specific quote to add to each of his posts.

When we were kids – all we did was ask – ‘Mama why is it like this – why is it like that – but once we are adults – we tend to just ‘do things’ and we stop asking questions – we many times get annoyed when our kids carry on asking all those questions.

When it comes to artists – they are there for us – the ‘fans’ – the audience, the readers, the listeners – but do we get the chance to ask them questions? Do they have the chance to get feedback or answer questions about that poem, song or painting? I’d love to be able to ask Abdullah Ibrahim or Vusi Mahlasela a few questions so that I can get the stories behind the songs. Most of the time this is not the case – this is why it is great that I have the opportunity to ask questions from Maria about her play.

This is my second interview at Peopleized.com – this site gives me the opportunity to carry on asking those questions – (not that you can’t ask questions otherwise 🙂 ) and figure out what the people of the blogsphere have to say about the reasons for doing the things they do.

What you need is a sheep!

Peopleized by: Szavanna – Saturday, 16 June 2007

Baaahhh An interview with Maria about her theater piece, Baaahhh!!!

Szavanna: Thanks so much for agreeing to answer my questions! Please introduce yourself in a few words.

Baaahhh: Hello there…my name is Maria Riboli, I’m an Italian actress/director who’s been living in NYC for the past 9 years…and I love it!!!

Szavanna: Please introduce your play in 1-2 sentences.

Baaahhh: BAAAHHH!!!(www.baaahhh.com) tells the story of what happens when one sheep decides it doesn’t want to follow the herd;)

A man, a sheepskin jacket and the mayhem of a bureaucracy.

Szavanna: What are your reasons for choosing this specific play?

Baaahhh: This project was born during a long Roman night spent talking about work, theater and life with a great friend and a professional who I admire and respect deeply, Stefano Genovese. At the time I was looking for a new project to dive into but I wasn’t having any luck…then Stefano told me about this play “Baaahhh!!!” (original title “Sako Ot Velur” by S. Stratiev). The passion for this play has captured me from the very beginning.

The irony and the comedy that ties this pièce together is universal: it could be taking place in Bulgaria, in Italy, or in the United States…any audience would be able to identify themselves, to laugh and cheer for our heroes and their battles against the windmills of today and to rejoice in the victory of Honesty and Tenacity of those “everyday” characters.

Szavanna: “Never give up on your dreams” – you say – tell me about one of your dreams and how you work towards achieving it

Baaahhh: I truly believe that we should Never give up on our dreams…this is my dream right now…this play, this project…I believed in it from the very beginning and I just followed my heart…that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy road, not at all, but you can’t go wrong if you follow a true passion…

You have to work really hard and you have to put everything you have, all your energies, in it…I do surround myself with people who have great sensibility, great talent and great visions…you always need other people around you that you can trust and that you can grow from…

Always try to reinvent yourself…follow your heart…follow your dreams…one of my lines in the show says “If you’re sixty and you wake up one morning and nothing hurts…you’re dead”.

I do want be able to look back and be proud of what I’ve done, and I want be able to say “I gave it everything I had”…

Szavanna: This is my 10th year here in South Africa – one learns so much when living in a new country – you have spent 9 years in the USA – how is your experience so far?

Baaahhh: I have to say it’s been great!!!

I’ve always been fascinated with the States since I was a child (my parents couldn’t figure out why)…when I was just 5 years old I used to say “One day I’ll live in NYC and I’ll be an actress”…little that I knew my dream came true (you see dreams do come true hehehe).

I have to say that I adore New York…I don’t know if I would be able to live anywhere in the US, like I wouldn’t be able to live anywhere in Italy…but NY is just an amazing place to be…you feel alive and I knew I was “home” the moment I put my feet “in” it;)

NY challenges you, loves you and hates you…you have to keep up with “her” (yup NY is a she)…but the amount of knowledge and experience that you get here in just a short period of time, is huge compared to what some people go through their whole life.

Szavanna: Our artproject, ArtMarketOnline (www.artmarketonline.co.za) is focusing on providing free support for all those artists that need some help using computers and the Internet, publish their books online or learn to take part in online collaborations like the projects of ccmixter.org – what are your thoughts on such a project?

Baaahhh: I think it’s amazing!!!

Supporting the arts is supporting life, we need to be able to express ourselves, to communicate…without art you can’t grow…

I’m just so happy to know that there are organizations like ArtMarketOnline (www.artmarketonline.co.za) that offer so much support and for FREE!!!

Great great great job!!!

Szavanna: And last but not least – (I like to ask this question often) how do you see the role of art and artists in today’s world?

Baaahhh: Again I think it’s vital…but I also see a lot of very poor choices, just because they bring the big bucks…we need to see more original work, less revivals…we need to be more open to other cultures, other ways to live life…that’s when we’ll grow…

I think art in every form, from theater, to sculptures, to paintings, to music, to dance and so on, it’s one of the things we need to open our minds and make this earth a better place.

Arts give emotions…and that’s a very precious gift you can donate to another human being.

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