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SteliEfti New ways of teaching and learning – All about Supercool School by Steli Efti

Szavanna: How will Supercool school play a part in today’s educational system – how does it fit into already existing setups?

SteliEfti: Our goal is to play a part in tomorrows educational system! I´m not sure if and how Supercool School would fit into already existing setups. I´m sure there are many great ways but I´m just not that type of guy. I´m a big believer in a revolutionary approach to improve our education system instead of a evolutionary approach.

Szavanna: Are there other similar projects you know of?

SteliEfti: Yes and no. There are tons of education community websites and there are all great! I support everyone who tries to make a positive impact in education. But there is no project that really approaches free & interactive online education for the people. And there is no project that brings learning and coolness together. We want to give all people a new kind of “learning lifestyle” 😉

Szavanna: What motivated you to start Supercool school?

SteliEfti: It´s my own history. I hated education & learning as a kid. It felt like a tool of punishment to me instead of a way to empower my life and gain more freedom. I was lucky – I changed my relationship to learning and educated myself into a new life. My dream is to give people the power of education, free access to cool people who want to teach them AND a chance to change their relationship to learning too. There´s nothing cooler then learning to me!

Szavanna: When will the site go live?

SteliEfti: We want to go live after July´07! We will launch with a big suprise – wait till you see 🙂

Szavanna: The OpenCafe here in South Africa has been working according to similar principles – do you see place for joint projects in the future?

SteliEfti: Oh yeah – Definitely!

Szavanna: People teach people – what are your experiences so far – are people ready to teach others for free – are people read to learn for free? (Sometimes people prefer a pay-for course with a certificate offered in the end – they don’t see the value of free/cheap courses.)

SteliEfti: Right after I had the idea I started a little alpha testing phase to see if people would be willing to share their knowledge in a live & interactive way ( we all know since wikipedia that people are willing to share their knowledge in a written form). It turned out – YES – they are willing to teach others about things they love. And hell yeah people wanna get free live education. But the crucial point is that people will only make the effort about things that they´re interested right now. That´s what matters in the end.

Szavanna: Reasons behind choosing the Supercool logo?

SteliEfti: Because I love it 😉 You see we want to establish a worldwide brand and I believe that our logo has the potential to do the work if Supercool School makes people happy and we do a good job.

Szavanna: Supercool school is an online project – does that mean that it will be accessed only by people with Internet access?

SteliEfti: First yes. We have big dreams about what we want to do in the “real world” and especially in Africa after Supercool School has become successful. But first things first…

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