I have always been wondering how it all comes together. We often say we are all connected – part of a big always changing planet.

I had a teacher at university from the UK – John Drew – one of his lecture series was about introducing students at the English department to new topics that had seemingly no relation to the English language and literature – quite a shocking change to the usual. I remember one lecture was about the Sex Pistols, another about classical Indian music and others were more science related. The idea was to show that no matter what skill/topic one focuses on – it is vital to see things as part of a bigger system.

The fact is today we have the opportunity – more than before in history – to see how things are all interconnected – so we don’t really have an excuse – we must realize how the things we do will affect our immediate surroundings – so we should move from focusing on ourselves to seeing ourselves as part of something bigger. Not that this is a revolutionary idea at all – still people seem more occupied with themselves and forget very often about the consequences of their actions.

This video from global community.org has a similar message, here is the intro:

An Extraordinary Moment traces our human story from the big bang to our present day. It reminds us all that we are part of a very long, rich history and that each one of us contributes a unique gift to that history. (from globalcommunity.org)

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Global Community video