Hugh Masekela is definitely a person I’d think of if some in Hungary asked me – ” so tell me all about it” – his jazz sound is really very unique – it tells a lot about all the travels he’s done but also about his South African roots.

While I was browsing and actually hardly found anything real Masekela related info – I finally came accross this 2002 interview by Banning Eyre – it’s quite a long one – it will give you a good idea about the life work of this SA jazz maestro:

B.E.: …. let’s talk about your side. You weren’t able to go to South Africa for how long?

Hugh:Thirty years.

B.E.: So what’s it like to live there again now?

Hugh: Well, for me it’s a real bonanza because I never thought I’d be able to go back home, and I’ve been back twelve years. And in twelve years, I’ve been able to get to the point where like this album Time is on Chissa Records, which is our own label. I think that, except for like the young musicians who are into like what is called kwaito–South African hip-hop or whatever you call it–they are the first people to do their own productions. It the same way it happened when reggae started in Jamaica or when samba became a craze in Brazil. We’re just getting into a stage where we’re building the first steps towards creating our own industry, and our own manufacturing, wholesaling and marketing, and hopefully our own distribution. And our own broadcasting. But that’s going to take time because we are trying to access a business that was previously white owned. With Chissa, we’re trying to set up something that is modeled on Motown, where there’s collaboration instead of divided artists. We all try to bring like excellence out of each other. (read on…)