African PathEnglish or Afrikaans?

They ask me often here in South Africa – which sounds real strange – I would never have thought that they would ever ask me this question. Obviously I am not English or Afrikaans but then what am I? Am I a European, East European, Hungarian – or may be Budapestian or am I a Potch-er since I have been living in Potchefstroom for 7 years now 🙂 Or am I an African or a South African since I have been around for quite a long time.My experience is that different people put me in different categories depending on the connection we have – then some struggle to find a category – I seem to have my own category – since I am the only Hungarian around.

I wonder what people in South Africa think – since this is a rainbow country – a melting pot of people coming from everywhere – it’d be interesting to know what they consider themselves. It can get real confusing here with 11 official languages, cultures present from all over the world from virtually all the continents – so it’d be interesting to have a discussion around this with people here.

The experience I had when I lived in Tunis is unbelievably different from life here in Potchefstroom – yet they are two African towns.

So what is African – asks the unafrican African – click here to read his thoughts about the topic on African path.