‘You are not in control. You are not in control of yourself. You are not in control of what you’re gonna get..You are in control of ……. no you are not in control’ – says Jamie and Duncan on the One Giant Leap trailer

Things seem to be happening to us all the time – and many times we feel – that we have no control of events happening in our lives. We tend to end up in situations – and we have no idea how we got there. I do believe that one can get the hang of it and get more in control of things – it does require some research – like the guys at One Giant Leap did.

Yvette’s mandalaWe have been skypeing with Yvette about various community, open source, open art projects like http://the-hub.net/ and Cultural Fusion – invest in art & peace at http://comfusion.pbwiki.com/and the International Free and open source software foundation – so many great projects – she is busy with and is looking for South Africans to join her projects – you can connect with her at http://twitter.com/ydubel . Looking forward to discovering more about these sites and her projects.

Cultural Fusion – if I hear the word I always think first of the film, One Giant Leap – so here it is :