Since this blog is becoming my own version of giant leap between continents – I decided to jump from onner die water to East Europe and introduce you to Márta Sebestyén  (  in Hungary Sebestyén Márta –  we put the surname first) – a Hungarian singer with a passion for pure Hungarian folk music.

This is what Marta says here about Deep Forest – a group from France that asked her to sing with them:

“They were listening to records from all over the world, they found my songs of traditional music, and they discovered they liked my singing,” she said. “Eric and Michel each phoned each other and said they’d found something wonderful, and then they realized they each had been listening to the same songs. They made a demo tape, sent it to me and asked me what I thought.

“It was really shocking to me and strange to my ears. But I tried to forget about being a folk singer and listened to it the way a young teen-age guy would listen. There are so many ways to reach an audience, so I let them use it and we became friends.”

Here is the lyrics both in Hungarian and English – but best is to just listen and see if you can figure out a bit about the story behind the sounds – before you check the lyrics – it’d be interesting for me to read about your first impressions after listening to this for the first time.

Other songs: