During my daily adventures in cyberspace I discovered one of my favourite songs, Neria by Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi. He is a great musician & song writer from Zimbabwe – Shanda, a documentary film describes his life’s work really well – you can come to watch it at the OpenCafe šŸ™‚ or buy it here.

This song is actually part of the film also entitled Neria – the story from this site will give you some background before watching the video:

Patrick and Neria, through shared hard work and resourcefulness, have built a comfortable home, good life and family in the city. But when their loving and equal partnership suddenly ends with the tragic death of Patrick, Neria’s nightmare begins.

Patrick’s brother Phineas helps himself to their car, bank book, furniture and house. He takes advantage of tradition to suit his own needs, making no effort to take care of his brother’s family. Yet Phineas claims that tradition and law are on his side.

Neria watches helplessly at first, believing there is no legal or moral recourse for her. But when Phineas takes her children, Neria decides she must fight back. In desperation she seeks justice. Neria learns that law and tradition can both be on her side if she remains strong and fights for her rights.

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