One day Netanya arrived with “the Freshlyground cd” and she told me – “I am convinced that you will like this one.” She was right.

Freshlyground has unbelievable lyrics and amazing compositions – rich with African atmosphere – from Southern African styles to music from other parts of the continent, violin solos, flute, mbira music and more … They have become so popular so quickly that they need no introduction here – so this post is especially for those poor souls without Freshlyground access 🙂

Here is what their Youtube page says :

Afro-fusion sounds, multilingual lyrics, post-apartheid multiracial South African music heroes… Freshlyground are a band of diverse African musicians based in Cape Town. Born in a bar in Observatory, Cape Town, the guys have stuck to their roots. Their various roots, that is. And that’s saying something in a band of 7.

Here is Doo Be Doo – which everyone knows here in SA – but I am not sure everyone understood what the lyrics is about :

And I’d like :

And if you liked the above – then meet the band :

Other songs: