“It has to do with sounds.
Natural sounds from far up north.
Sounds of rivers with gentle waterfalls.
Sounds from trees though still.
Sounds from the mountain in their fix.

Sounds not only from chirping birds,
Also from least thought of pigs
Creaking doors tenderly pushed ajar
Whispers of wings in the divine space
All in the likeness
of melancholy thoughts.

Many, many years will go by,
Pain will be reduced to understanding
Tears will spell out acceptance
A boy so adored will grow
to find solace in the music
of the Ancestors
for decades to heal.”

Jerry ‘Monk’ Molelekwa
Father of Moses Taiwa Molelekwa

Rouvanne says Moses is one of his favourite SA artists – you can read his posts here and here – I feel the same way – so here is a post about him – though best is if you stop reading right now and listen to his work – you will see what I mean.

Moses Molelekwa (North Sea Jazz Festival - 2000)When I heard Moses’s music for the first time – I thought – wow – and that is all I could think of – when it comes to words – and I was just sitting there listening. The richness and shades of his sounds is amazing and comes so naturally one note after the other. There are artists that don’t have to sit down and write a song – they just start talking or playing and it instantly becomes a piece – so you can’t actually tell the difference when they talk or sing. When one listens to Moses Molelekwa play – it’s as if he was telling a story about the people on the street, the trees and the sky – you don’t really need to hear the words.

When I listen to music I don’t only listen but always think what makes a musician/artist write a song or paint a picture and write a poem (or a combination of all of these) – what exactly inspired him – who & what he/she saw, where he travelled, what experience made him write a song – in other words I take music as something that teaches me about a person, a place, about a situation – that is why I started my Natural mystic pages. Moses’ music vividly explains about his life – it is not music that makes you say – “yes I heard this a million times – it is just like this other piece” – it is music that makes you think : “He is walking down this road, it’s a late sunny afternoon, the birds are singing and …..” etc. etc.

Just listen & watch this video and you will see what I mean :

Hymn for Taiwa – by Moses Khumalo

Here in the OpenCafe we work to the jazzy sounds of artists like Hugh Masekela, Judith Sephuma, Baaba Maal, Vusi Mahlasela and very often Moses Molelekwa – one of our “musical geeks” Kagiso – who is very interested in Linux projects and also plays the saxophone – has his own favourite Molelekwa song which we always play when he is around – Hymn for Taiwa by Moses Khumalo – which is a tribute to a great musican by another jazz great. This song describes the feeling of many of us who love Moses’ music and are sad that he is not with us any more.

Here is another video from Rouvanne’s video collection entitled “Moses Taiwa Molelekwa – jazz genius“:

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