The Icommons site is going to have a series of post on the reasons why people start and contribute to open source projects. Here is the first one.

I heard about open source software in 2001 I think when we tested Linux for the first time. Since I was very knew to computers I had no clue what it was all about – all I understood first that it was freely available on the Net. Later on I was also told that one starts a project on sites like Sourceforge and everyone can contribute to your project globally. I thought that was amazing. (I still think so.)

I was wondering then – but why would anyone do that …. contribute to a project for free. So we started the OpenCafe project – so that I could find out more about this topic and let others know about our discoveries along the way. While we were busy planning our open source cafe we thought – “Is this concept only applied in programming or there are other fields as well where they use these open concepts?” Today there are many such online collaborations where artists, teachers, and everyone else contribute freely to projects, it is great to be a part of these exciting times.

That is why I am also looking forward to these posts on the topic.

For now here is one of my favourite “open” videos where Gilberto Gil ( wellknown Brazilian musician & participant of one the the greatest open music projects, the Wired CD) tests Free beer ( an open beer project 🙂 :

and here is Prof Lessig founder of Creative Commons explaining about open concepts :

Other posts on open source: