The Flyer

Today I saw a South African film about a young Cape Town street kid who becomes a trapeze artist.

Here is the story from London Film festival site :

Kieren Jordaan (Jarrid Geduld) is a member of a street gang. While trying to pick pocket an old trapeze trainer, Anders Larsen (Marcel Van Heerden), our athletic Kieren gets caught and Anders drags him back to a warehouse and makes him work off his crime. Kieren scrubs and polishes the floors as he watches Anders’ trapeze artists fly. As he observes them practice, his imagination is captured. Kieren pays off his debt but does not want to leave. He wants in but he knows his gang friends would never approve. When something in the gang goes horribly wrong Kieren is forced to flee and it is here, in this world of the flyers, that he seeks refuge. Under the guidance of his new found mentor Anders, Kieren’s raw talent takes flight. But later on in life, when his old gang buddies catch up with him, Kieren must fight for his dreams and his destiny. When his brother (Ian van der Heyden) is released from prison, Kier is forced to choose between his new life and his old.

It’s a great film to watch if you’d like to find out about Cape Town and its people.