Recently I have discovered, a Steve Purkiss project – here is what he says about the reasons behind the project :
“This website was born out of the fact that I needed somewhere to network, to promote my services, to express my opinions. I figured there would be a few more people who wanted to do the same, so I built the site. I have networked on a number of other sites, but each one at the end of the day tries to tell me what I can and can’t do, what I can and can’t say, and most in the end try to charge me for something – plus they get all the ad revenue for the wonderful content that I provide, helpng to grow their community. Scarcity is introduced at some level, and it annoys me because we live in an world of abundance – especially where bits, bytes, and electrons are concerned. So I thought I’d do something different – something that looks at it from the member’s point of view, not the owner’s, investors, shareholders, etc.”

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