Video - Scilla ElworthyI have just discovered, an interesting open content site which I am still busy discovering…which took me to – a site where a new video is published every week. From the monday9am site :

“The monday9am Project has been created by film-maker NIC ASKEW.

Nic has spent much of his life following what makes him feel most alive, from leading canoe expeditions to parts of the Amazon and Congo, to giving up work and heading south (of London) to Andalucia on a one way bus ticket equipped with nothing but a guitar, a credit card & a toothbrush.

He also spent many years in commerce in positions as varied as tea boy to managing director.

As a self taught and now prolific film-maker, his film project has many thousands of viewers around the world writing to him about the weekly short films, films that set out to provoke an understanding what it means to be truly alive. It seems for many, that Monday’s have never quite been the same …”This week’s film is an interview with Scilla Elworthy of – it is asking a few very important questions :

  • What fear is facing you now?
  • What is it trying to tell you?
  • Who do you presume that you know?
  • What might happen if you could see who they really are?
  • Are you trying to direct life?
  • Could you let life direct you?
  • Who is better qualified?
  • What do you need to ask yourself?

About Peace Direct :

“Peace Direct supports local peacebuilders in conflict areas.
We fund this work, promote it and learn from it.
You can support this practical action to build a peaceful world.”

Watch the video (it is only “on” this week).