What started? The ArtMarketOnline project. Our projects normally start spontaneously – and develop as we go along – we don’t do too much planning really before we start a project. In fact projects are a way of life – rather than something that starts at a certain day and ends one year later.

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FiredanceI met Netanya long before the official launch of the OpenCafe (October 21, 2004).

I told her to bring all her jewelry – we take photos and make her a website – so that she can market her work. I also said I’d teach her web design so that she can make her own sites as well. She was really keen to do all of that and would come around often to carry own her Internet studies. In the process I also got to know her – an amazing person full of creativity – and the readiness to make something out of “nothing” every single day.

Though she was the very first person I started to work with as part of ArtMarketOnline – she is still “the artist” that fits my definition of “the ultimate ArtMarketArtist“. She has been taking care of her site since the day we met, she used the opportunity to spend time daily at the cafe, typed in all her poems, compiled her own book and was one of the first person in South Africa to realease a book under an open license.

Netanya – thank you for all your hardwork – it helped me shape ArtMarketOnline – all the ideas you came up with is still the foundation that keeps it all together! 🙂

If you are an artist and would like to participate in this project in any way – or you have some comments/suggestions for shaping this initiative – please leave your comment on this blog!

Visit Netanya’s site to find out more about her projects.