This is a film that reminds me of my own experiences – two guys setting off on a musical journey round the world in order to figure out a few things about life.

I believe there is no better training than travelling – nothing else has ever taught me more than the times I spent travelling in Europe, USA, North Africa and Southern Africa. I think it is important to spend at least one year in one area so that one experiences all seasons, all celebrations and other yearly events – you can’t possibly learn about a culture deep enough by staying for a few weeks only.

I have been in South Africa for almost ten years and I am only just starting to find out about life here. Actually – travelling doesn’t always mean that you actually have to go somewhere – it’s enough to get out of your “comfort zone” as they call it and do something new. There are lots of new things out there 🙂 so you don’t have an excuse.

That is how I ended up making a solar oven last Saturday. Travelling means that you “stop” for a moment – and get into a new world – new consciousness – become the other person a bit – have dinner with percussion players from around the world, teach English to Mauritanians, play the violin to policemen, or attend a Swahili class at Howard University in Washington DC. These are just a few ideas – you may come up with your own crazy stuff.

Here is how the guys from One Giant Leap did it:

And here is a beautiful song from their movie: