SunOne evening I was browsing the NET as I often do and I arrived at the pages of the Calabashmusic site ….. as I often do. Calabashmusic is a great site for me – since many of my favourie musicians have decided to make their songs available there – they also have a great blog – and that evening I was busy browsing their video section.

That is how I stumbled upon Balance’ – Sara Tavares video.

Sara is from Cape Verde – an island off the cost of Senegal – the land of Cesaria Evora. We did see Cesaria Evora here in Potchefstroom – though it was not a great concert – we were too far away from the stage – we could’t really enjoy the music that time.

This is video – is amazing. I am not sure why – but we kept on playing the video over and over again – there is something really comforting and magical about the sound and the images – a mix of latin rhythms, reggae and music from Africa – a bit of this – a bit of that – all in perfect balance.

She is an amazing performer and skilled musician – her sounds are so familiar yet so brand new – I am really happy to have discovered her on the Calabash site.