I have known Eostar since the beginning of our university years – since that time we both learnt so much, travelled a lot and learnt new skills – she has become an exceptional artist – now living in California – she is also one of the ArtMarketOnline artist – click here to visit her art site and here to see her healing site.

For both of us – the Calcutta trio’s weekly club evenings have been a door to new worlds, new concepts – this is what Eostar says about the trio:

“One night Anna took me to the Calcutta Trio’s concert. What a shock! My ears were hurting with the unusual scales, my being rebelled to the perceived dissonance that these never-heared ragas presented. It was really hard to sit still for hours listening to the odd melodies and watching people sitting still, emotionless, in a meditative state. My body and soul rebelled. And yet my spirit caught something that was in the air – a vibration so well remembered from past lives lived in India – the smell of chai tea in the interval. I knew this smell so well! And then seeing the beutiful tapestries they were covering the stage with brought up a breath of magic that was unexplainable. I was familiar with incence from India – that was not a surprise – but they added a lot to the magic. The beautiful Indian tunics they wore mesmerized my eyes.
So, eventually, even though the music hurt my ears, I left feeling an odd resonance with everything the Calcutta Trio presented. I was hooked!
Later I became a regular and got used to the “odd” scales and rythms. What’s more, Classical Indian Music became an organic part of my life.
The Calcutta Trio’s “Indian Music Club” that was happening every Monday in those days added an element of magic and remembrance to my life, bringing out parts of me that wanted to be alive, felt and acknowledged. I feel great gratitude to them to this day. Namaste!”