This evening when I walked into the room the TV was on with the program called AfroCafe – with an interview with Abdullah Ibrahim.I believe that great musicians play an important role in leading their audiences / communities to a higher level of existence – not only with their music but by being teachers – community leaders – and Abdullah Ibrahim is definitely one such musician.

In the short piece I saw of the interview he gave a lenghty description of two Japanese fighters and an old blind Japanese musician playing a traditional japanese string instrument – while he was playing his instrument – we saw on the screen how the fighters imagine their own fight – ( martial art dance performed with two swords ) – and heard Abdullah Ibrahim’s description of the fighters’ moves.

I am not sure why he talked so passionately about this – I wouldn’t mind hearing a long explanation about his involvement in martial arts.

I have found a great site that has a lot of info on Abdullah Ibrahim : it is called Abdullah Ibrahim – Mantra modes – here is what the site says :

“Many who have encountered Abdullah Ibrahim would also call him a teacher…including many of those who make up his worldwide audience. There is no escaping the transformative power of his music should one approach it with receptivity. In this respect he is both teacher and student, standing as exemplar within the chain of transmission which posits that every person is being inexorably drawn home and is capable of both openness and activation, of being taught and teaching, of following the path and leading others along it. ”

Click here to visit the site to read more.