AJ’s blog entry on free software philosophy explains very clearly some of the most important points on this topic – I agree fully with what he says :

“I believe that if you can help a neighbour in need, you are morally bound to do so. With software ‘can’ is never a question. It doesn’t cost you anything to make a copy, and send it to him – and you still have it. So you are morally bound to do so. In the post-scarcity world, charity becomes costless – so proprietory software twisted some laws completely beyond their intended purpose to create an artificial scarcity where none should exist.

They illegalized charity.

They made it criminal to be a good person.

And worst of all, they made it criminal to be a good person, in the one case, where being a good person comes free of charge.

When you explain it to this, people seem to get it. Then you tell them – but you don’t have to be trapped into their circle of selfishness, you can still be a good person – for there is a kind of software that actively encourages you to be a good person, to share. It is called, free software.

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